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i hope you can see the beauty in me
or rather, i hope you can .. even see me
for it was once dark where I stood
but today i am reborn.
split open,

yet, sitting in the past
there was an i that stood. knowing 'i' could do better.
a plague.
so i did it. i woke up one day and did it.
i gave up for a while, hating myself, hating the work, hating the complexity.
i then moved onto something I could accomplish,
i accomplished failing.
(i have many of those)
so here i return.
back again.
i hope you can see the beauty in me.
and i guess, here that is. here i stand in my mess.
touch it. see it. hear it. a part of me is here.
the source of pain, of misery, of love, of hate,
burns into me. into it.
it's reborn.
i'm reborn. 3.0.0

made some funny changes

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added a skeleton key (site map) to ze bottom of ze pg (rite down in the fotter eh) herrr herr herr
also have added OGOD visual experience // each page is a different song, there is 29 of em....
been feeling better of late. been also telling myself to stop controlling my moods with narcotics and substances for manymany years. im okay tho. keep busy. keep at/keepitawy. been trying to decide whether or not depression has been the best/worst exponent of me equation..for sooooo long.

hello hello hello 4g4in

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i hope you found your way here alright, please stay awhile. take of your scarfs and hats, its warm outside. cant stop sweating. i dont pay the bulls tho.
think im finishing the site. wwell er finishing it enouhg that is. enough to not be entirely ashamed about. wellanyway,.
i hope you take the time to explore this website. there has been a lot of work put into the softwear. there are a of doors to explore and navigate. there is a narrative that will continue to grow. i hope you enjoy it.
my musix is coming along nicely. its been cocooned long neough, thats for sure. so its just some artwork that needs to be tkn care of. some free stuff to give out.

Something percussive this way comes...

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have a few tracks (some say 5 tracks, some may say an EP) that have been kicking around for over a year. making grooves and moves to get those out quite soon.

Storage For Canvases!